At Ascend we want to ensure you reach for your Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum to use each morning or throughout the day depending on your routine. I would suggest using this powerful serum in your morning routine. The potent caffeine smell helps you wake up and gets you ready for the day ahead.  

It should be your go to morning serum. For reasons including Ascend’s ethos and mission of having luxury, high quality, vegan and cruelty free skincare. All of which is completely transparent. Head to our transparency page to see all the vital information some brands fail to provide. Our customers can rest easy knowing every detail about each product and use our skincare ingredients checker. Enabling learning about why we use certain ingredients on our skin. We tell you wide range of benefits from each complementary ingredient. 

If you are looking for a natural, eco-conscious and vegan skincare brand, look no further. This year we have won first place in the Free From Skincare Awards. We achieved the Gold standard in skincare for our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum.  

Our holistic and gentle formula contains plant derived caffeine which visibly tightens skin and reduces the signs of fatigue. The perfect morning pick me up. 

Fragrance Free, Vegan Caffeine Serum

What is fragrance free skincare?

The term ‘Fragrance Free’ is thrown around in the skincare and beauty world. Although it can be a bit confusing, because fragrance free to some people would mean unscented. These are two very different things. Our product is fragrance free but certainly not unscented. We have the invigorating aroma of arabica coffee coming through in our formula.  

In skincare the term ‘fragrance’ is not about scent in general, it is about synthetic scents. At Ascend Elevated Skincare we pride ourselves on not having synthetic fragrances in our ethical and eco-friendly products.  

Synthetic, fragrance free skincare is said to be better for your skin and of course the environment. Our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum being fragrance free means it is gentle and suitable for those with the most sensitive skin or reactive skin types. Artificial fragrances which are added to a lot of skincare tend to be irritants. They can cause allergies, rashes or even contact dermatitis. 

A goal of our vegan and cruelty free skincare is to make your skin both look and feel better. Providing you with a confidence boost and peace of mind you aren’t damaging your skin or the environment. We want our products to remain as natural as they can be. To Avoid any issues arising on your skin such as spots, redness or sore dry areas.  

Our Caffeine Serum could be the perfect choice for you. It ensure sensitive skin is catered for in a nurturing manner. Our fragrance free serum will help combat skin concerns that artificial fragrance containing products may exacerbate. If you have any skin concerns contact us and our formulator will be happy to recommend a product for you. Browse our key Ingredients Page and find out what each of our hand picked ingredients adds to the formula of our award winning serums. 

Coffee Beans for caffeine serum

When to use our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum

Ascend’s Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum can be used in any skincare routine. From your morning routine to your nighttime skincare routine.  Why not use it in the middle of the day as a pick me up for your skin. Although personally I would suggest adding it into your morning skincare routine.  

My morning routine: face wash and cleanse before heading to apply my trusty moisturiser. Once my moisturiser has dried into my skin a little I apply the serum letting it get to work hydrating my thirsty skin.  

How to apply serums to your face and neck

How to apply your serum and how to layer skincare can be quite daunting when there are countless products on the market. Each product with varying steps and routines to follow. Here is how we at Ascend Elevated Skincare would advise you to use our serums. All three of our potent botanical serums are designed and formulated to be the last step in any skincare routine. This aids the locking in of moisture from your entire routine start to Ascend serum finish.  

We suggest you apply between 3-5 drops of product onto your fingertips. Start by rubbing your fingertips together and beginning to apply our serum in a circular motion. Begin at the neck and move upwards onto the face. Gently massaging the oil into your skin by hand with clean washed hands. Once the product is applied try spreading the serum further by massaging with a jade roller or gua sha stone.  

A little hygiene tip from us at Ascend is when applying the product make sure to put it onto your fingertips instead of straight from the pipette onto your skin. The use of your fingers is more hygienic especially if you are sharing the use of the bottle. Although if it is just you enjoying the luxury of our serum it is best to apply onto your fingers first. This avoids the pipette coming into contact with any bacteria on your skin’s surface and then being put back into the bottle.  

Award winning free from caffeine serum

The benefits of using a gua sha stone

Using your hands to massage our serum into your skin is a brilliant option. Although using a gua sha stone to really massage the serum into your skin can be beneficial for a few different reasons.  

It can aid in improving fine lines and wrinkles. Of course this is not a long term fix but using it daily with our serums especially our collagen boosting Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum can aid in the temporary reduction of fine lines.  

Gua sha stones when used correctly with our serum stimulates the skin helping to promote blood circulation, aiding skins overall health and plumpness.   

Fluid can build up in your face and neck creating swollen looking areas or puffiness on the skin particularly under the eyes and your chin or neck. The use of the gua sha stone being pushed and pulled to stimulate the skin can actually promote lymphatic drainage. The stone will help to eliminate the fluid build up, and hopefully decrease the swollen areas making them appear less puffy and look brighter.  

A gua sha stone used daily in conjunction with our Caffeine + CBD  Brightening Serum could be fabulous for your skin, wellbeing and boosting your skin confidence.  

Gua she stone with fragrance free serum.

What to do next?

This blog has been primarily about our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Serum and how this vegan, cruelty free and fragrance free skincare should be your go to pick me up each morning. If you want further information on our products and how they have been perceived by our Elevated Skincare Community check out our reviews online. We also share reviews on our social media channels, where you can see real people’s opinions about how this serum has helped with fine lines and wrinkles, brightening skin, reducing pigmentation and more. 

Stay up to date with our blogs and why not  join our online community by subscribing to email updates. Our emails will be about skincare, new releases, offers and much more. If you would like to ask a question for the team to answer in the Beauty Hacks Series of blogs feel free to email us or direct message on social media. We will try our best to answer your queries and questions through our informative blog series or Instagram Lives.  

If you are interested in CBD in general or building a skincare/ beauty range with CBD another informative site with great blogs is Cannafull.

Why choose our Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum. 

Our Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum should be your first choice product to use nightly. For many reasons including the aspects already discussed such as the vegan formula and cruelty free manufacturing and production process. 

Our products are made and formulated in Scotland with responsibly sourced ingredients. We have a high-end, luxury product that doesn’t sacrifice the environment and our brand mission. We enable you to have skincare that rebalances, regenerates and rejuvenates your skin. They do not contain additives and artificial things like mineral oils, parabens, silicones and artificial fragrances. 

The fact we have all natural ingredients means that our products are suitable for all skin types. We want everyone to join us on their own elevated skincare journey. 

What is phyto-retinol?

Our night serum contains phyto-retinol which is a natural plant-based source of retinol, proven to be just as effective. Plant-based phyto-retinol is better for those with sensitive skin. Many of you will know over the counter retinol products can be strong and some have been known to cause irritation, severe dryness, peeling and even redness of the skin. 

Other products containing ‘normal’ retinol may cause users to have mild or no symptoms. Although people who do have irritation often assume some peeling or redness could indicate the product is working. Effectively promoting your under performing skin cells to die and allow the body to start new cell growth. This boosts collagen production and reducing wrinkles development. I would prefer to achieve these results without causing my skin pain, discomfort or irritation in the process. 

Our vegan product will allow you to receive the skin benefits of retinol such as boosting collagen production, aiding in wrinkle reduction and more youthful plump looking skin, without the horrible irritations. Just another added bonus of buying a luxury, vegan and formula focused product from an indie skincare business offering you full transparency such as Ascend Elevated Skincare

If you are looking for a natural product which soothes skin, acts as an anti-inflammatory, increases skin brightness, increases skin elasticity and helps to improve skin texture all whilst boosting collagen production overnight, then our Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum will make the perfect addition to your skincare routine each evening. 

Should I use face serum before or after moisturiser?

This is a very commonly asked question. In some beauty routines people will be advised to use their serum and wait 1-5 minutes before applying your moisturiser as the last step in the routine. 

This is different for us at Ascend Elevated Skincare. Our range of serums are designed to be the very last step in your skincare routine. We advise you to go through your skincare routine; cleansing, toning and moisturising. The optimum time to apply is in the evening at the end of this routine letting our Phyto Retinol + CBD Night Serum Concentrate thus allowing it to work it’s magic overnight. 

We suggest applying 3-5 drops onto your fingertips, and gently applying onto your face and neck. Begin by applying it to the neck working in a circular motion upwards. Then move onto the face again in an upwards motion. Enjoy this time gently massaging the serum into your skin. Be sure to embrace the relaxing scents of chamomile essential oil and rosehip extract. After your small pamper session, you can rest easy knowing your skin is being boosted and regenerated overnight.

How can I get the most from one night serum?

Our night serum can be used in various ways other than the last step in your daily skincare routine. 

Whilst applying the serum to your face you may have some left over residue on your hand or finger tips. This is your perfect chance to give yourself a little extra TLC. Try a small nail cuticle treatment, rubbing some oil into the cuticle/ skin aiding the health of your nails, cuticles and skin softness.

On occasion I have also used the extra oil serum left over on my hands to rub onto the ends of my washed hair. It also works a treat on my dry hair at the split ends or frizzy areas. I am careful to only use the very last residue on my hands to give my hair the boost of moisture it needs without adding too much product. 

If anyone has any other uses for our natural serum we would love to hear them. Feel free to let us know and we can share the use with our Elevated Skincare community. 

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The skincare and cosmetics industry is saturated with vast amounts of products. Each making your decisions as a consumer very difficult. With the recent boom in adding CBD products or ranges into the equation like so many brands have done, we can only imagine the added confusion. Wondering: Which product is right for me? Why do CBD infused products vary in price so much? And Why choose vegan and cruelty free skincare when it is more expensive? 

If you want to know the answer to these questions and many more interesting insights into CBD, skincare beauty hacks and our Ascend Elevated Skincare journey subscribe and join our online community of like minded individuals.  

Adding Vegan Skincare Into Your Cosmetic Routine.

In this day and age many of us are extremely conscious of what we are putting into our body. Whether it is vitamins or food. Staying in the know of new nutritional fads and ways of life has become a daily thing for many of us. Seeing adverts, blogs and social media posts on a variety of lifestyle changes you can make easily according to influencers and brands. The fads are fleeting. Veganism and turning to a plant-based diet is very much a way of life not a fad. Wanting to improve your health and environmental impact is brilliant and it doesn’t have to stop with your dietary choices. Skincare and beauty that is plant-based can be found. 

What we put onto our body and skin is just as important as what we consume. This is where our vegan skincare comes into the mix. Helping you feel good on the outside and boost your confidence in your skin. 

Making vegan and cruelty free skincare doesn’t mean we compromise on our products quality. We work hard to inspire and educate our customers about our sustainable ethos, ethics and use of fully plant-derived ingredients.

M Stewart – Digital Marketing Coordinator at Ascend

Adding Cruelty-free Skincare Into Your Cosmetic Routine.

The aspect of making a cruelty free skincare product range was extremely important to us at Ascend. Products are not tested on animals at any point along the chain from the development, manufacturing and supply aspects. 

Our products are vegan and cruelty free but this doesn’t mean it is any less luxury or a stereotypical bohemian vegan brand. We have developed a high-end, aesthetically pleasing and functional product. Brightening your skin with our Caffeine + CBD Brightening Oil Serum or boost collagen production with our Phyto-Retinol + CBD Night Serum Concentrate. We are proud of our serums and as a consumer you should be too. Our aesthetic packaging means you will be proud to display our products in your bathroom to add luxury and ambience.   

What Is Sustainable Skincare? 

A big mystery and unanswered question many consumers are asking is; What is sustainable skincare? We are bombarded with this phrase ‘sustainable skincare’. Firstly what is that and how can brands be sustainable in this industry? 

It is fair to say in this industry that ‘greenwashing’ is commonplace. most importantly in no way are we stating every brand is ‘greenwashing’. Those companies who do this bombard consumers with the words sustainable and ethical but without actually practising what they preach. 

This is where as consumers and brands we need to really be placing a focus on brand transparency. At Ascend Skincare we are extremely conscious of how our valued consumers and browsers need to feel. We aim to be approachable, showing behind the scenes. Ascend have a transparency page on our website and are more than happy to receive emails with questions. We answer to put your minds at ease about our products and Scottish based in-house formulating and manufacturing. 

All three ascend products on an aesthetic mirrored background
Trio of award winning Ascend Elevated Skincare Serums, available to shop now!

In conclusion stay up to date with our blogs and join our online community by subscribing to email updates about skincare, new releases, offers and much more. If you would like to ask a question for the team to answer in the Beauty Hacks Series of blogs feel free to email us. In addition you can direct message on social media and we will try our best to answer your queries and questions through our informative blog series. 


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