Trust requires transparency. We don’t believe that sustainability and eco-consciousness should be optional, or a “nice bonus” when developing a range of cosmetics. We have a strong focus on sustainability throughout our entire development and manufacturing process, from where we source our ingredients, to our packaging, to our carbon footprint. We’ve thought of everything (if we haven’t, let us know).

We having nothing to hide. In fact, we’re really proud of the contents of our little glass bottles. Enter your product’s batch number below and we’ll show you all the independent lab reports and certifications for both our ingredients and our finished products.

Our batch-specific transparency reports give third-party accredited information concerning:

Full ingredients list
Shelf life

CBD content
Terpene analysis
THC content

We know that more and more people care about what they’re putting on their skin, but we also know that cosmetic labelling is extremely confusing and difficult to digest. We try to make our ingredients lists easy to understand, but sometimes you just can’t bend the rules of compliance in the name of transparency. This is why we created a whole section dedicated to our ingredients, and more specifically, translating cosmetic labelling into fully comprehensive ingredient descriptions. If you take transparency seriously and want to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, click here to discover our ingredients section.


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